Artist's Profile

I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, New York and moved to Massachusetts right after graduating college. My parents were both very creative. My mother was an artist her whole life, having won a scholarship to art school right out of high school, and my father became a prolific Raku potter in his retirement years. 

I have always loved making things and have enjoyed crafts too numerous to count through the years including pottery, knitting, macramé, jewelry making and shadow box creation with found objects, to name a few. All of this has led me to my current obsession with Karma Spirals. I have always loved color and the end product of each Karma Spiral creation never ceases to thrill and excite me.  

I believe in Karma and try to live my life with that belief at hand. When it comes to good luck, I believe you make your own good luck about 75% of the time, but that other 25% of the time – that’s magic! And I believe in anything that will give that magic its mojo.

Even if I were never to sell a single Karma Spiral, I would still make them and love them. I truly believe they give me good luck. And the most potent ones are the ones I’ve had the longest. This is because as you handle these spirals, a part of you seeps into each one, making it a very personal amulet.

Having these available for purchase has been a fun endeavor for me. I love seeing the excitement on someone’s face when presented with a pile of them to choose from. I love that I could create something that will put joy on someone’s face and give some tiny thing to believe in. 

When you buy something from an artist you are getting a piece of that artist’s heart and soul. Each piece has a collective history of experimentation, frustration and pure joy. A part of my heart is truly in every one.

Good karma to you!

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